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Black Galaxy

Black galaxy granite is one of the most demanded products for home applications all over the world. Black galaxy granite is exported mainly from Andhra Pradesh in the region of Ongole. Internationally we can call this stone as Granite but in European standard this stone must be called as gabbro. Black galaxy granite also known as star galaxy we can get this stone with reasonable price from exporters and this stone is most selling product in the market based on it’s applications like durability, scratch free, moisture resistant and Low maintenance. Black galaxy granite is one the most beautiful natural stone, it has background color black with gold specks. This stone is more durable product, its shines like new after so many years.

Black galaxy granite is mostly exported from India with its color it gives luxurious look with unique texture this natural stone has unmatched applications compare to the all stones all over the world. We can use Black galaxy granite to the interior designs and exterior designs, it is suitable for all our home applications like kitchen counter-tops, flooring and bathrooms .This natural stone is dust resistant so there is no need for costly powders to clean this stone it takes less maintenance charge with good shining. Based on the Flecks on the stone this black galaxy is available in large-grained, medium-grained, small-grained. These large grained black galaxy granite is more expensive and it’s available rarely compare to these other two.

Natural Black Galaxy granite in India is leading the trend with its natural black beauty and elegance. That is modern, unique, and luxurious. It is no wonder that this granite is one of the most popular and demanded granite across the world. Black Galaxy Granite is a fine to medium-grained, The Black Galaxy granite has a black background with gold colored specks in it., durability and efficiency ensuring the heat, mold, scratch and moisture resistant properties.

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