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Tan Brown

Tan Brown Granite is famous natural brown stone From Ongole region of the state Andhra Pradesh. Tan Brown Granite has a background colour of thick brown with red and black specks , this is one of the most demanded brown granite product In Indian market and also in all over the world. We can call this stone internationally as granite but in the European standards we must be called as porphyry. The red and black speck on the tan brown granite gives more attractiveness to the stone and also looks very luxurious with reasonable prices. It is also known as Chestnut brown, Tan brown blue, copper antique. We can get this beautiful natural stone in tiles and slabs from tan brown granite quarries.

Most of the buyers will choose primarily this tan brown granite, because of its impressive texture and colour, it gives bright look to our home with 0% water resistance. Tan brown granite has a magical flecks are black, dark brown and gray tones it creates a mesmerizing environment to our kitchen counter tops, bathroom. Tan brown granite is perfect for all our home applications we can use for interior and exterior in all verities, this beautiful natural stone give perfect texture to walls, floors, counter tops, and more.

Tan brown is the best choice for kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities and floor. It is good durable product from India it gives same feel like a new after many years. This tan brown granite is often being utilized for kitchen inside and outside activities and worktops.

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