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G-20 Granite is a characteristic Indian rock stone and it is accessible from the inception of Andhra Pradesh. G-20 stone has foundation shading dark with appealing light white grains or shiny minerals dispersed all through its surfaces. G-20 rock is likewise named as dark total G-20, Bengal dark stone, G-20 dark rock India, G-20 total dark stone and Jet fog dark rock and so forth It tends to be utilized for both Interior and outside undertakings like kitchen ledges, divider cladding, table tops, divider applauding, deck, steps and risers.

G-20 Granite is reasonable for business and residencies and the vast majority of the purchasers will Prefer G-20 characteristic Indian stone on account of it has a foundation as a dark tone just as alluring light white grains. G-20 rock has best application among different stones that is G-20 Granite has a high obstruction for both warmth and cold temperatures; because of this application G-20 rock is reasonable for food readiness and medical care offices.

G-20 rock has a decent market worth and it is sent out to everywhere on the world. This characteristic Indian stone has a utilization of low support because of this favorable position there is no requirement for expensive powders for cleaning, it is completely reasonable for kitchen zones and furthermore it has protection from most scratches.

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